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Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa – Family Man

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is a formidable man at work, but is not afraid to be a committed husband and father as well. Roger always makes it a point to stay actively involved in his children’s life. Roger says that developing and maintaining a close relationship with your family should never be overlooked. That is why when asked to become the coach of his little league baseball team, Roger did not hesitate to rise to the occasion. Roger enjoyed his time so much as little league coach, he became coach again for his daughter’s soccer team. Roger stresses the importance of remaining active in your community. Overall, Roger dedicates himself equally to his career and family, making sure to give each the care and attention they deserve. Balance, Roger says, is the key to success, and ultimately, happiness.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa loves being intimately involved with his family affairs. As a coach and mentor for both little league baseball and soccer, Roger does not only influence his own family, but also serves as a role model for other children of his community. Roger loves his wife and children, and feels blessed to lead a life filled with so much warmth and admiration. Roger says that if it wasn’t for his family, he could not find the daily strength necessary to complete anything. Roger says that family always comes first, because a family provides love, and without love, no one could accomplish anything. This is why Roger spends all of his free time helping his children with their homework, or taking them on a bike ride, or even a hike in the woods, anything to keep their bond strong over the years to come.



Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa – A Man of Many Interests

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa has devoted countless hours to his demanding career in the medical device field. As a manager of financial affairs in his organization, Roger’s career is often demanding, both in time and focus. However, Roger does not every let that get him down, and is careful to allocate just as much of his time and energy off the clock, as on. That is why over the years Roger has developed a keen interest in many various hobbies that help him to unwind after a hard day’s work. Roger enjoys a considerable amount of sports, and loves to attend San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors games. Roger says that he can hardly think of a better afternoon than sitting in a packed stadium, hearing the crowd roar as your favorite player hits the game winning home run for your team.


Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa also knows the importance of staying in good shape. The mind of often only as keen as the body, as many would tell you. That is why Roger makes sure to keep himself in motion, enjoying physically rigorous hobbies such as snowboarding in the winter, and paddle boarding in the summer. Roger also enjoys visiting Lake Tahoe with his family, and it has become somewhat of a tradition for them to do so every year around Christmas. Roger also loves to go hiking and mountain biking. Roger says he enjoys a good challenge and a robust workout, and that exercise has become a key staple of his lifestyle, and helping him to maintain a good wellness, and general quality of life. Roger says that the time you spend resting is just as valuable as the time you spend working and that your personal and professional life must be balanced for both to be successful.