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Thomas Goldstein Phoenix, Arizona: Contracts in Plain English

Thomas Goldstein of Phoenix, Arizona practices law out of a small office located not too far from Camelback Mountain. He attended the Claude E. Pettit College of Law at Ohio Northern University and specializes in contracts.

Contracts, he says, do not have to be overly complicated and can be written in plain English. “Too many contracts are filled with all sorts of legal gibberish,” he says. “I think one reason for that is to make them dense, and hard to understand – even for lawyers.” He says that during his years in practice he has seen contracts so filled with legalese that he has had to read them carefully several times in order to fully understand them. “Usually, you pick up on some little nuance that might have tripped you up if you weren’t being careful. And it is usually by design.”


Thomas Goldstein of Phoenix, Arizona says that he has seen contracts so dense and jargony that it has made his eyes nearly glaze over. “All that ‘notwithstanding the forgoing’ nonsense made me realize, I don’t want to draft contracts like this. I want my clients to be able to read the contracts I write for them and understand them, without having to reach for the dictionary, or get a second opinion, or call me up with questions – although I’m always available to them for any questions, of course.”

He is a believer in and advocate for the “plain English” movement for legal writing. The ideas behind the movement have been around for a long time, he says, but are just beginning to gain some momentum. “There are hopeful signs,” he says. “The Federal Trade Commission, believe it or not, requires some documents to be drafted in plain English, and so does the Securities and Exchange Commission, which in the past has produced some of the most daunting legalese in existence.”


Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: An Introduction

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is a professional with over 8 years of field experience. Roger works primarily in the medical device industry, but also has a background is Finance and accounting. Roger has worked for two different fortune 500 companies, one of which was celebrated as one of the largest medical device companies in world. As a professional in the medical industry, Roger dedicates himself to the higher calling of putting others before himself. Roger says that selflessness is a natural part of the medical field, as it can often be very demanding, but at the same time, equally rewarding. Roger says that his career in medicine is a fulfilling one, and despite the sometimes grueling hours or regiment, he could scarcely imagine doing anything else. Roger devotes himself entirely to his career, but says that it is equally important to allocate his time to family and friends, including his children.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is a formidable man at work, but is not afraid to be a committed husband and father as well. Roger always makes it a point to stay actively involved in his children’s life. Roger says that developing and maintaining a close relationship with your family should never be overlooked. That is why when asked to become the coach of his little league baseball team, Roger did not hesitate to rise to the occasion. Roger enjoyed his time so much as little league coach, he became coach again for his daughter’s soccer team. Roger stresses the importance of remaining active in your community. Overall, Roger dedicates himself equally to his career and family, making sure to give each the care and attention they deserve. Balance, Roger says, is the key to success, and ultimately, happiness.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: The Ideal Vacation

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa enjoys the prospect of travel, as well as any opportunity to visit his hometown with the members of his family. Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa takes advantage of any chance he can to revisit his boyhood home, and to share his knowledge and familiarity of the area and its abundance of natural beauty with his children.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa appreciates his good fortune, particularly the opportunity to experience the wonder and serenity of one of the most beautiful places on Earth as a child. For him, Hawaii is the ultimate paradise, one that affords both residents and vacationers the chance to relax and enjoy the peace, calm and natural serenity of some of the most beautiful beaches and settings throughout the world.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa also enjoys traveling to Lake Tahoe, the destination both he and his family visit every Christmas season. An active outdoorsman and physical activity enthusiast, Cardona takes advantage of the many recreational opportunities Lake Tahoe has to offer, as well as the chance to share the experience with his family. Lake Tahoe, as he knows, has become one of the most popular vacationer destinations in the country, and for good reason. Tahoe is abundant in beautiful natural scenery, numerous boating, fishing and camping opportunities and multiple chances to relax and enjoy a family vacation.

As Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, the ideal vacation isn’t necessarily strictly focused on the destination you’re traveling to…it’s the people you’re lucky enough to enjoy that destination with. For him, it’s the chance to share an experience with your loved ones.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: Demonstrating an Interest in His Father’s Legacy

Successful accounting and finance professional Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa has always exhibited an interest in the function, membership and rich history of the Freemason organization, of which his father continues to be a member. Though not a Freemason himself, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa has always expressed a curiosity about the Masons, such as their historical significance, their societal function and their relevance in today’s society.

A dedicated family man and avid career professional, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa understands the roots of the Masonic organization, which lie sometime at the end of the 14th century. As a unification of local stonemason fraternities during this point in history, the Freemasons quickly developed an interesting mythology in the minds of many who didn’t have a complete understanding of what they did or who they were. As Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa understands, much of this mythology is still present in modern day society, and, for many, serves to cloak the organization in mystery and secrecy that has pervaded the centuries since its establishment.

Modern day Masons, as Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, provide innumerable support and charity to local communities throughout the world. The Masonic Service Association of North America, for example, works to be a positive and generous influence in people’s lives, and to demonstrate support and provide information during natural disasters and other life-threatening situations. MSANA, as Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, continues to be one of the most positive and influential advocates for community involvement and support in areas around the continent.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: Rooting the Giants to Victory

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa doesn’t hesitate to show his support of his favorite teams. A lifelong fan of the San Francisco Giants, Cardona continues to passionately follow the team’s progress through the competitive NL West division, and to visit the Bay area as often as he can to demonstrate his support of the Giants in person.

The Giants have experienced incredible success in the past few years, having captured two World Series titles in the past five years and continually providing their NL West opponents a significant battle both at home and on the road. The Giants, as Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, are in a heated battle for 1st place in the division in the 2014 season, doing their best to keep pace with the always tough Los Angeles Dodgers. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa believes in his team’s chances to overcome the Dodger’s lead and to capture the division title before season’s end.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa enjoys living only a short distance away from his two favorite professional teams, the other being the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball League. Though the Warriors have yet to establish themselves as a consistent competitive force within the league, they have lately made significant strides in improvement, and have proven to be one of the fastest up and coming teams in the NBA. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa understands that it’s been way too long since the Warriors have made their mark in the league, though he believes their time is soon approaching.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: Devotion to Family, Career and Team

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa currently works for one of the most successful medical technology companies in the world, and has enjoyed success in multiple positions throughout his career with the firm. A career-minded individual who maintains focus on his objectives, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa continues to be one of the company’s most indispensable assets, displaying the work ethic, professionalism and commitment he demonstrated when first joining the firm in 2007.

Cardona is proud of his career accomplishments, though his true devotion lies with his family, who have given him the love, support and guidance he’s needed to maintain such a successful career in the fields of finance and accounting. He is an active and positive influence in his children’s lives, enjoying annual family vacations with his kids as well as maintaining active involvement in their interests, such as coaching his son’s little league team in the past and being involved in both his son’s and daughter’s soccer team. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa cherishes every moment he gets to spend with his loved ones, and has continually demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their well-being and welfare.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa also displays undying support of his favorite professional sports teams, such as the San Francisco Giants and the Golden State Warriors. Though he currently resides in the beautiful California wine country, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa never hesitates to make it to the bay area to catch a Giants or a Warriors game, and to share his love of sport with his family.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: Achieving Career Success

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa, currently a customer relations management professional, has over nine years of successful experience working in both financial analyst and accounting roles, and has enjoyed the opportunity to work for one of the largest medical device firms in the world. A career professional with a strong work ethic and ample ambition, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa looks forward to many future years of success and accomplishment.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa received his initial undergraduate education at Sonoma State University, where he was a student from 2003 to 2005. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Sonoma in 2005, helping to set the foundation for the beginnings of a bright career future. Continually in pursuit of further education, as well as ways to increase his knowledge base and his competitive edge, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa enrolled in the MBA program at California State University, completing the rigorous Master’s program with flying colors and earning his Master’s in Business Administration from CSU’s Monterey Bay campus in 2013.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa worked for two accounting firms before joining one of the largest and most well-known medical device corporations in the world. He has moved swiftly up the company’s ranks, and has experienced a significant amount of success over the course of seven plus years with the company. He is a valued employee and colleague who has contributed much to the success of his team, and he hopes to continue on with his successful legacy for many years to come.