Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: The Ideal Vacation

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa enjoys the prospect of travel, as well as any opportunity to visit his hometown with the members of his family. Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa takes advantage of any chance he can to revisit his boyhood home, and to share his knowledge and familiarity of the area and its abundance of natural beauty with his children.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa appreciates his good fortune, particularly the opportunity to experience the wonder and serenity of one of the most beautiful places on Earth as a child. For him, Hawaii is the ultimate paradise, one that affords both residents and vacationers the chance to relax and enjoy the peace, calm and natural serenity of some of the most beautiful beaches and settings throughout the world.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa also enjoys traveling to Lake Tahoe, the destination both he and his family visit every Christmas season. An active outdoorsman and physical activity enthusiast, Cardona takes advantage of the many recreational opportunities Lake Tahoe has to offer, as well as the chance to share the experience with his family. Lake Tahoe, as he knows, has become one of the most popular vacationer destinations in the country, and for good reason. Tahoe is abundant in beautiful natural scenery, numerous boating, fishing and camping opportunities and multiple chances to relax and enjoy a family vacation.

As Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, the ideal vacation isn’t necessarily strictly focused on the destination you’re traveling to…it’s the people you’re lucky enough to enjoy that destination with. For him, it’s the chance to share an experience with your loved ones.



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