Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: Rooting the Giants to Victory

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa doesn’t hesitate to show his support of his favorite teams. A lifelong fan of the San Francisco Giants, Cardona continues to passionately follow the team’s progress through the competitive NL West division, and to visit the Bay area as often as he can to demonstrate his support of the Giants in person.

The Giants have experienced incredible success in the past few years, having captured two World Series titles in the past five years and continually providing their NL West opponents a significant battle both at home and on the road. The Giants, as Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, are in a heated battle for 1st place in the division in the 2014 season, doing their best to keep pace with the always tough Los Angeles Dodgers. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa believes in his team’s chances to overcome the Dodger’s lead and to capture the division title before season’s end.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa enjoys living only a short distance away from his two favorite professional teams, the other being the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball League. Though the Warriors have yet to establish themselves as a consistent competitive force within the league, they have lately made significant strides in improvement, and have proven to be one of the fastest up and coming teams in the NBA. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa understands that it’s been way too long since the Warriors have made their mark in the league, though he believes their time is soon approaching.



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