Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa: Achieving Career Success

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa, currently a customer relations management professional, has over nine years of successful experience working in both financial analyst and accounting roles, and has enjoyed the opportunity to work for one of the largest medical device firms in the world. A career professional with a strong work ethic and ample ambition, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa looks forward to many future years of success and accomplishment.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa received his initial undergraduate education at Sonoma State University, where he was a student from 2003 to 2005. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Sonoma in 2005, helping to set the foundation for the beginnings of a bright career future. Continually in pursuit of further education, as well as ways to increase his knowledge base and his competitive edge, Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa enrolled in the MBA program at California State University, completing the rigorous Master’s program with flying colors and earning his Master’s in Business Administration from CSU’s Monterey Bay campus in 2013.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa worked for two accounting firms before joining one of the largest and most well-known medical device corporations in the world. He has moved swiftly up the company’s ranks, and has experienced a significant amount of success over the course of seven plus years with the company. He is a valued employee and colleague who has contributed much to the success of his team, and he hopes to continue on with his successful legacy for many years to come.



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