Roger Cardona Santa Rosa: Taking Care of his Health

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa lives and works in Sonoma County, California, in the heart of the state’s wine country.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa works hard at his career , but is careful to maintain a balance between his professional duties and his home life. “I exercise frequently and love to take care of my health,” he says. One of the ways he does that is by getting outdoors in the great playground that is Northern California and Sonoma County.

Among his favorite physical activities are snowboarding in the winter and swimming and paddle boarding during the summer. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa also enjoys mountain biking; health experts say that riding a bike is great for cardio-vascular fitness, burning up calories, and improving overall muscle tone.

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa was born in California but grew up in Hawaii. “My ideal vacation is paradise, and going back to my hometown in Hawaii,” he says. He is devoted to his family, especially his children, and includes them in his travels whenever he can. “My family and I love going to Lake Tahoe each year during Christmas vacation.”

One of his most passionate pursuits when he isn’t at work is following the fortunes of the San Francisco Giants, and their annual fight to stay on top of the National League West. This is a great time to be a Giants fan. The team has won two World Series championships in the last five seasons, and the 2014 campaign is looking good. Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa gets down to AT&T Park to catch a Giants home game whenever he has the chance.



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