Roger Cardona Santa Rosa: Life In Sonoma County

Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa is fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. Sonoma County, a world-renowned wine region, extends approximately forty miles northwest and southeast along the Pacific Coast just a short distance north of San Francisco. It is about 40 miles in width from east to west, extending from the coast inland to the crest of the coast range.

This is the area that Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa has as his back yard, and where he lucky enough to recreate. “I exercise frequently and love to take care of my health,” he says, and he has a spectacular place in which to do it. He enjoys hiking and mountain biking, and the Sonoma County area is rich in places to partake in both of these activities.

Hiking is by far the most popular activity in the area’s Regional Parks. There are more than one hundred and forty miles of trails that lead to beaches, mountains, forests, meadows and lakes. As Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, there are trails for all types of adventurers, from paved paths for easy walks to wilderness trails for more strenuous hikes.

Modern mountain biking has its origins just south of where Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa now lives. The earliest mountain bikes were the common fat tire Schwinn bicycles that were well-suited for riding the rough trails of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. The Sonoma County Regional Parks offer both paved bike routes for street cycling, and dirt trails for off-road riding.

As Roger Cardona of Santa Rosa knows, riding a bike is great for cardio-vascular fitness, it burns up calories, and helps to improve overall muscle tone. And it’s best when there’s a fantastic place to ride, like the roads and trails of Sonoma County.



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